Busch Gardens – Tampa

Busch Gardens – Tampa provides you and your family a thrilling experience. It is known for giving wholesome entertainment to all the visitors who visit this park. Busch Gardens ride are great for making you scare and adding an extra thrill. There are some Busch Gardens height requirements and restrictions. So, we have prepared a chart for... Read More »

Attractions of Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens  Williamsburg rides are worldwide known for their thrill and excitement they provide to various age group people. They are located at various places in the whole world.  Busch Gardens rides are attracting huge crowd over the world. The Busch Gardens height requirement for different new and old rides are as under. See Knots... Read More »

Knotts Berry Farm Rides

Knots Berry farm is one of the most visited amusement parks around the world. It has big list of coaster rides which makes you excited, rides like knotts berry farm jaguar, silver bullet roller coaster, xcelerator knotts berry farm,  are among the most popular rides out there. The height requirements and other  ride restrictions for... Read More »

Carowinds Rides

There are number of interesting Carowinds rides. There are some new rides at carowinds in addition to the ever popular ride  the intimidator carowinds and afterburn carowinds. Carowinds roller coaster rides are one of the all time favorites of huge number of people.  As we know there would be some ride restrictions and minimum height... Read More »

World Height Weight Requirements

Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland Speedway Height Requirement 52″ inches (132 cm) or taller Stitch’s Great Escape Height Requirement 40″ inches (102 cm) or taller Space Mountain Height Requirement 44″ inches (113 cm) or taller  Splash Mountain Height Requirement 40″ inches (102 cm) or taller Big Thunder Mountain Height Requirement 40″ inches (102 cm) or taller “Goofy’s... Read More »